Servo Voltage Stabilizer for IT Companies

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers are the devices which solves 99% of electrical disturbance problems that occur at various areas. We are the proficient manufacturers of various types of stabilizers for IT companies in Delhi, India. Voltage stabilizers keep the appliances safe and offer optimal performance. Our continuous improvement in this domain ensures that we always provide the latest advances in voltage control technology.

Servo Stabilizer for IT Companies

Voltage stabilizers protect various devices/equipment's at IT companies/offices from spikes/surges and voltage variations/fluctuations. We will assist you completely in choosing the correct configuration of voltage stabilizer (for IT companies) that will suit your requirement. Our stabilizer for IT companies provides constant stabilized output voltage to the equipment's/devices with precision of ± 0.5 to 1.0 %.


  • Quick \Response
  • High Overload capacity
  • Fast Correction
  • No Hunting, No Oscillations,
  • No Noise Generation


Better efficiency of ≥ 98% achieved by use of prime grade Lamination.
Electrolytic copper wires of 99.99% purity.
Special designed transformers to minimize losses.
Also, Special sensing circuit to ensure constant Output Voltage

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