Servo Voltage Stabilizer for Digital Offset printing machine

Digital Printing industry works continuously and the part which is involved in printing newspaper works on an emergency basis where the next day’s newspaper needs to be delivered in the market. In such scenario we cannot afford voltage fluctuation which will hamper the production or create issues with printing machineries. Thus Cosmostat has come up with the best solution - Servo voltage stabilizer which stabilizes random voltage supply and stabilizes output voltage. Voltage fluctuation also damages these digital printing machines.

Servo Stabilizer for Digital Offset printing machine

How Servo voltage stabilizers play an important role in the printing industry of India?

The working of servo voltage stabilizer is that it uses an automatic circuit to control fluctuations and manage current. It calculates the load requirement beforehand and instantaneously so that delicate machineries do not have to face over current. Servo voltage stabilizers are mostly preferred because it gives near accurate variance at just +/-1%. In traditional relay type voltage stabilizers this figure is around +/-10 %. The digital IC circuit dies a phenomenal work and maintains a perfect coordination between the ac servo synchronous motor and the circuit to achieve desired results. The working of the Servo motor is triggered by voltage fluctuation. It adjusts current supply at secondary winding so that ultimately, the equipment gets uniform power input

Servo Stabilizers are mostly used for the safety of sensitive digital printing machines by manufacturers such as ADAST printing machines and Heidelberg printing machineries such as offset machines which need a stable voltage supply of 220 V. It is well known fact that Japanese manufacturers produce some of the best architecture and technique for machines in the world. But even for excellent printing machines manufactured by them like Komori , Servo stabilizer is an integral part of the setup. This is because Servo Stabilizer can run as low as 90 V upwards on single phase supply and boost the voltage to required 230 V. Thus there is no output voltage problem to these digital printing machines. Some imported machines require 110 V Supply, which means we have to use Servo Voltage Stabilizer with step down isolation transformer to buck the voltage from 220 V to 110 V, So our printing machines can run safely.

Apart from taking the normal range of 220 V to 110 V, it also secures critical ICs and circuitry in the printer through isolation when it encounters unexpected spikes and random fluctuation. A clean output supply is made by removing unwanted surges / noises. For a Heidelberg printing machine, a Servo Voltage Stabilizer with isolation transformer is the best option. It eliminates line noise / spikes and also anticipates unwarranted flux before high voltage could reach the integrated circuit. In a digital printing industry such systems work for total protection and keep the machines safe so that working never stops.

Different uses of Servo voltage stabilizer

  • Small offset printing machines like Auto print
  • Paper Cutting machines which uses step down transformer.
  • Polar cutting machine requires 10 KVA – 30 KVA step down transformer.

Some of the prominent manufacturers of printing machines are Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, ADAST Dominant and Komori etc. All these printing machines are quite expensive, very sophisticated and very delicate to electrical problems. So with advanced machinery arise the need for quote a stable and reliable power solutions. Thereby manufacturer like COSMOSTAT comes into action and provide best servo voltage stabilizer or isolation transformer for these digital printing machineries manufactured or supplied by these reputed companies such as Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, ADAST Dominant and Komori etc. The Printing machines are mostly manufactured in Germany or in Japan as most of the reputed companies' importer these German and Japanese machineries as completely built unit or in semi assembled conditions.

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