Energy saving through Servo Stabilizer

A poor power quality manifests itself as frequent voltage fluctuations. When your equipment does not get optimum voltage, it consumes excessive energy. This energy wastage is, however, invisible & goes unnoticed, but this poor quality power will have a great impact on our energy bills as well as our costly equipment could be damaged due to this voltage fluctuation. Voltage regulation in an electrical energy system will help us in saving the energy.

Problem arises under following circumstances:

1) Overvoltages which cause increased energy consumption

2) Undervoltages which cause increased energy consumption

3) Unbalanced phase voltages which cause heating of the equipment

If we can arrest these phenomenon then energy to the tune of 15% could be saved. This is a report by the Department of Electrical Engg IIT Kanpur.

Energy Saving by Using Servo Voltage Stabilizer

These irregularities can easily be checked with the use of Servo Voltage Stabilizers. However if the efficiency of the Servo is poor these benefits are lost therefore it is essential that the efficiency should be maximum. Our “COSMOSTAT” brand has high efficiency models of servo voltage stabilizers which have efficiency of above 98.7%

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