Select the Servo Stabilizer in the home network

Voltage fluctuations in the network are a common occurrence and are quite regular in our power lines. Voltage changes can easily damage your electrical appliances or can permanently break them.

Thus, careful selection of the right type of stabilizer can solve this problem, preventing unwanted voltage from entering your electrical devices. A voltage stabilizer is a device that stabilizes the voltage in the network before supplying it to connected devices, recognizes changes in the voltage in the network, regulates it, and outputs a significantly more accurate range of output voltage. All work on voltage stabilization takes place in the internal network of the servo voltage stabilizer.

Thus the servo stabilizer works as the safeguard device for all the electrical equipment because of which the selection of the right kind of stabilizer is the critical need. The major areas to be considered are the nature, and power range of the devices and the voltage fluctuation range in the area. Before selecting the stabilizer, the ratings of the equipment are to be known along with the nominal line voltage and frequency.

There are various types of voltage stabilizer, such as electronic voltage stabilizer(relay), electromechanical voltage stabilizer and thyristor voltage stabilizer. Important parameters to consider when choosing a voltage stabilizer include the number of phases, power, adjustment ranges, response speed, overload protection and connection method. The selection of the voltage stabilizer for the private house could be solved by outlining the task to be performed considering the main characteristics in the complex. For the home network, the single-phase network required the stabilizer with a connection of 220V. On other hand, for the home network to use the stabilizer, the exact electricity consumption is to be known. Then in the next step, the power to each device with the electric motor in kvA is to be multiplied by 2 and thus to be added to the existing figure. For devices without electric motors, the power is taken from the passport.

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