2 KVA, 3 KVA & 5 KVA Single Phase Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

COSMOSTAT 2 KVA, 3 KVA & 5 KVA Single Phase Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer at the incomer provides a regulated voltage enabling efficient functioning of Equipment for Residence, Buildings, Office, Industrial Machines, Storage Facilities, Printing Machines. In many cases, Energy cost can be reduced by providing the optimum voltage. Leading financial institutions with large networks have made the Servo Stabilizer an integral part of their infrastructure and have benefitted from it.

Poor quality of voltage impacts homes on a regular basis. Providing regulated voltage to the building has become a necessity for the following benefits - Enable Expensive& Hi-Tech Equipment gadgets to perform to their design capacity and minimize break-down, Provides better quality & comfort of a fully functional home not impacted by voltage fluctuations.


  • Capacity: 2 KVA, 3 KVA & 5 KVA Single Phase Servo Stabilizer.
  • True RMS sensing ensures Stable voltage even under adverse waveform conditions.
  • Voltage Regulation Range 170 - 270V.
  • Micro controller based Electronic circuit for precise correction and value added features.
  • Measures & displays voltage (output & input), output current & frequency
  • High performance - Works for decades.
  • Complete Phase-wise protection against High / Low voltage, Overload, Short circuit & Spikes.
  • High Efficiency, Low maintenance costs - lowest life cycle cost.
  • Convenient Phase-wise service bypass arrangement for minimum disturbance to operations even in the worst case.
  • Upgradable for Power & Energy monitoring with communication to Integrate with your EMS or BMS.
  • Compact and Elegant.

Comprehensive Protection:

  • Under / Over voltage trip ‐ The trip points can be set as per machine requirements
  • Electronic Overload trip ‐ CT based current sensing for accurate and reliable protection, activates beyond 110% of rated current, with programmable time delay to override inrush currents
  • Short circuit protection
  • Single phasing protection
  • Phase reversal protection
  • Manual service bypass for emergencies
  • Emergency stop for safety


  • Health care & diagnostics – Pathology labs, ICU/Operation Theatre Equipment
  • Analytical equipment – Centrifuge, Chromatograph, Hardness Testing
  • Home Entertainment – Hi-fi Audio equipment, LCD/LED TVs & Home Theatres
  • Industry – CMM, Access Control Systems, Machine Control Panels, Garments & embroidery, Deep freezer, Mini Offset printing, etc.
  • Printing sector – Offset printing, Paper cutting, Book binding, etc.
  • Textile – Looms, Knitting & Fabric Processing machines
  • Fitness Equipment's.
  • Cold Storage & Food Processing Purpose.

NOTE: Application May Change Based On Voltage Range and Capacity.

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