5 KVA Servo Stabilizer Price in India

Smart and intelligent Servo Voltage stabilizer can protect your home appliances from power fluctuations and sudden power outages? Presenting the COSMOSTAT Servo Voltage Stabilizer, that can protect your AC, Refrigerator, washing machines, Televisions and other home appliances from such day to day power glitches. Keeping such appliance like air-conditioner or refrigerator protected from power fluctuations also make them durable for a longer time. The product is built with superior IC technology to give your appliances an advanced protection. The Intelligent Time Delay system technology helps the compressor garner proper balancing time when there are frequent power outages. The frequent voltage fluctuations can cause major damage to your appliances. The product has a Low & High Voltage Cut off Protection which protects your appliances from dangers of sudden upsurge or exceedingly low voltages. Advanced Technology for Protection The COSMOSTAT product is powered by advanced technology to match with your highly sensitive and efficient appliances and enhance their productivity. In case of a high temperature burnout, the product is loaded with an in-built Thermal Overload Protection that protects the appliances from such travesties. The product is made of material that is durable and lasts a long time. It can be mounted on wall for your convenience. So now you can go on with your daily routine peacefully and rely on the COSMOSTAT Servo Voltage Stabilizer to keep your appliance safe from uncertainties of power outages and fluctuations. Note: The appearance (logo) of the product may vary based on the production batch, but the features remains the same.

5 KVA Servo Stabilizer Price Range

As 5 KVA servo stabilizer price range is from 11000 to 15000. But we are offering at a very special rate of 12000/-. Normally it comes with Air -cooled model, because of low capacity air is sufficient to cool the transformer & dimmer. But if you have requirement for Oil-cooled, we can make that also. ( As Servo Stabilizer are custom built item ). Normally 5 KVA Servo Stabilizer is used with machines (scientific equipment, medical instruments, Motorized Treadmill, dental Chair, refrigeration, Packaging machine etc.), but domestic use is also often seen and saves costly household items. If you have requirement for different capacity of servo stabilizer, you can call our engineer or just visit our servo stabilizer price page.


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