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Whether we talk about household or any commercial area. To save our electronic equipment from power fluctuation we all need servo stabilizers. Importantly in any industry to save their gadgets and power equipment like Elevator. Servo stabilizer is the best choice for Elevator protection and smooth functioning. Elevators are used to move people or goods from one floor to another. For a smooth supply of electricity without fluctuation, it is only possible with help of a servo stabilizer. Elevators are very sensitive. They have AC drives and other electronic controls which are very sensitive and work in a very narrow voltage range. The motor involved also needs a fixed voltage to run smoothly without temperature rise in windings due to high or low voltage. If the voltage is low then the desired range it will also not produce the same torque which is required to move the gears.

Servo stabilizer is made to overcome electricity fluctuation problem. Servo Stabilizer is a device which used to control the power fluctuation and gives the required output. Whenever the power goes beyond the limits be it low or high the servo stabilizers saves our devices from these power fluctuation

There are two types of elevator mainly:

  • Commercial
  • Residential

Commercial elevators:

Commercial elevators used in particularly industrial area to provide universal access to upper levels. Commercial Elevators used direct-drive motors to move at higher speeds. Modern commercial high-speed elevators move at up to 2,000 feet per minute (610 m per minute).

Residential elevators:

Residential elevators used the gearless motor that provides a reduction in noise, more energy efficiency, and a faster speed.

The cure of all the woes of elevators is here. There is a need to set up a good stabilizer to control the power supply.

COSMOSTAT has launched the best servo stabilizer for all commercial as well as residential Elevators. COSMOSTAT Automatic Voltage Stabilizers are based on Save Power Technology and have many Unique Features which enable them to give High Performance, Better Reliability and Save Electricity.

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